Дизайнерские светильники LZF

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These Polywood lamps by Ray Power at LZF are natural, yet contemporary – not an easy combo to achieve, but certainly easy to love. The Air lamp has a light, airy quality about it, thanks to its super-thin sheets which the designer manipulated and contorted into these unusual, modern silhouettes suited perfectly to table tops in private homes, social spaces and commercial areas. And although they come in a palette of vibrant hues, they still have an earthy and natural appeal. These innovative Polywood lamps are the recipient of the Red Dot 2010 award (Germany) and the Good Design award (Chicago, 2009). More info is available by visiting LFZ. 



LZF , светильники LZF, люстрыLZF на www.delightful.su по уникально низким ценам.