Schproket  Lights

The very cool named ‘Schproket Light’ is clearly inspired by mechanics. The  lighting system employs a low voltage, safe socket create this magical circle of  incandescent light points. Basically designer Christopher Moulder wanted to  experiment with a lighting piece that would use no wires or sockets, so he  started experimenting with low voltage bulbs. Hence Schprokets are lit with high  efficiency Xenon long life bulbs.

Low voltage means the fixture doesn’t have to be insulated. Instead, the  Schproket is the socket. They can be hung from the ceiling, horizontally or  angled, singly or in stacks, in 24″, 36″ and 47″ rings.  Mounted directly onto  the wall or ceiling in 11″, 15″, 24″ and 36″ rings.  Available in colors: Silver  Metallic, Torch Red, and White.

Photography: Brad Kaye

Designer: Christopher Moulder