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Дизайнерская лампа Pistillo .

Опубликовано: 25.01.2014



 Pistillo Italian Design Lamp

Pistillo Italian Design Lamp. The Pistillo lamp is made in Italy and is a classic Italian lamp. The large (almost 24" in diameter) and exquisite Valenti Luce Modern Sputnik Pistillo lamp by Studio Tetrarch is one of the most stunning lights in our modern lighting collectiion. This instantly recognizable icon of design has been a best seller ever since its release in 1964! This fabulous light which will add glamour and elegance on a grand scale. A spectrum of light is emitted from the half chromed bulb in the center. The lamp has an arrangement of chrome plated plastic tentacles with 1 (one) half chromed 100W bulb in the center. The elegant lamp looks like a round constellation of stars and looks great even when unlit. Crafted with chromium plated plastic with a mirror finish and a clear electrical cord with on-off switch. The Pistillo can be used as a wall- or table lamp and can be modified (by a licensed electrician) for use as a ceiling fixture. Includes complimentary chrome plated light bulb.




  Pistillo is an award winner, designed by Studio Tetrarch for Valenti in 1969. This is the original Pistillo made by Valenti in Italy. it can be used as chandelier, table lamp or sconce. Its organic form is achieved by an arrangement of chrome plated plastic tentacles and at the center a half-chromed bulb that reflects light in all directions split by the tentacles. A stunning piece on the wall as well as a table lamp. Classic Italian Modern.  These lights are so pretty with the mirror topped chrome lightbulb and chrome petals casting rays all over the room  they'll  remind you of rays of sunshine!

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