люстра Opera Lamp by Jorn Utzon

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There is no hiding the fact that Jørn Utzon had his renowned Sydney Opera House in mind when he developed the Opera pendant. And just as well, since this lamp is as unique in many ways as the architecture of the impressive landmark of Sydney harbour. Utzon's goal was to create a pendant that utilises the multi-shade principle in new ways. He has chosen non-circular shades that create an asymmetrical impression, with upward illumination in several directions.
This asymmetry ensures that the light is spread perfectly, whether the lamp is hung above a table or in an open walkway. The Opera pendant is characterised by bright, downward illumination. But Opera also illuminates itself through the special gaps between the shades. This accentuates the pendant's decorative effect and makes a positive contribution to the overall lighting in a room.
  Opera is constructed of seven metal shades pressed into soft, organic shells. These are formed over one another and for the light, which combined gives an overall appearance of harmony and integrity. Utzon's passion for architectural detail is clearly seen in the four mounting screws that collect the metal shades at the base of the pendant. The light streams softly and evenly from the spaces between the shade.

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