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Launched in 2010, Roll & Hill is a New York City based manufacturer of high end contemporary  lighting, producing original lighting products by American and international designers.

Roll & Hill brings a uniquely  American perspective to the international contemporary lighting market. Committed to making well designed contemporary lighting  for residential and commercial interiors, as well as cultivate a position at the forefront of design and production. Roll &  Hill products are unique, responsible, innovative and add beauty to whatever space they occupy.

Roll & Hill was  founded by Jason Miller, and has grown out of his experience as a designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures.  Elegance, versatility and wit are qualities central to Jason's work as both a designer and creative director and are at the  heart of Roll & Hill and its products.

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Roll & Hill Excel Chandelier


Roll & Hill Astral Agnes  Chandelier


Roll & Hill Modo Chandelier


Roll & Hill Agnes  Chandelier