стул supernatural by moroso

стул supernatural by moroso купить по уникально низкой цене в интернет-магазине delightful.su. Высокое качество.Низкие цены.Доставка по России.
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 стул supernatural

размеры ( см )  60*55*74


Полезная статья: «Как купить дизайнерский стул  недорого и со скидкой».


Supernatural Stacking Chairs With Arm Rest | Supernatural Stacking Chairs By MOROSO.”This new stackable chair has a structure that is the result of an evolution, more than of a design process”, explains designer Ross Lovegrove. “It represents a new vision of form, generated by digital data, resulting in a chair to be used every day, slender, lively and healthy. The liquid, organic nature of its form combines the beauty of the human anatomy with the most advanced process of industrialization of 21st-Century polymers. This extremely sophisticated process uses two layers of polypropylene with glass fibers to achieve a harmony between the internal structural characteristics and the external aesthetic qualities.”