кресло lounge tok ( black )

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 кресло louge tok

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Размеры -

Глубина : 110cm

Высота: 73 cm

Ширина : 65 cm

Высота сидения : 42 cm

Дизайнер -  Toshiyuki Kita


Toshiyuki Kita Tok Armchair

 Tok is the perfect place for active relaxation. Tok has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. Independent of your sitting position, the recliner will always support your body properly whilst providing support for your arms. Materials: A selection from our great range of fabrics and colours. Available in oak, walnut and cultivated beech (mocca, black and natural).

  Tok consists of three laminated wood shells. Soft textile or leather upholstery is attached to the shells. The recliner is based upon a balance principle. It has 360 rotation and three distinct positions for sitting and resting.

    A patented pending double spring system allows smooth shifting between positions. With this system you can adjust the resistance in accordance with your body weight. Tok inspires you to move and vary your sitting posture, and the headrest underlines this.

    By moving your head from one side to another you will achieve the best support for your neck in all sitting position. The headrest is adjustable according to your height. Design: Toshiyuki Kita Manufacturer: Variér Furniture AS

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