люстра Tom Dixon Mirror Ball ( 50 sm)

люстра Tom Dixon Mirror Ball ( 50 sm)
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люстра Tom Dixon Mirror Ball ( 50 sm)

Артикул: люстра Tom Dixon Mirror Ball ( 50 sm)

Дизайн: Tom Dixon

цвет : прозрачный

Лампы:    1x100W компактная

Размер : 50см * 50 см

A familiar face on the world design scene, Tom Dixon, will be showing designs from his 2008 - 2009 catalog at the 100% Design show in London next week.  One design will be Dixon's newest addition to his Mirror Ball lighting series, an awesome space-age collection of  Mirror Balls ... On A Stand!  You can drop kick it if you like. You never have to worry about seven years of bad luck.

One reason is that  the mirrors are not made of glass, they're made of ... you remember that bullet proof stuff ...  polycarbonate.  And the stand isn't shabby either; it's a "robust" stainless steel and the Mirror Balls are attached to the stand with industrial strength clamps.

An "almost indestructible" Mirror Ball tree is a good thing when there are kids and pets and otherwise klutzy movements around the home.  Besides the nearly six-foot  Mirror Ball Stand is really pretty!  What about making it a permanent holiday tree?

Past versions of the Mirror Ball Series include the pendent Mirror Balls hanging lamps, in 10 and 16-inch diameter lamps....

... and  the Mirror Ball Floor Lamps in 16 and 20-inch diameters.