торшер Pallucco Joiin by Pallucco

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торшер Pallucco Joiin by Pallucco 

The Joiin series includes a floor-lamp: h. 177cm,
 a small suspension shade: w.62, d. 37, h. 36 cm
and a larger version: w.77, d. 48, h. 43 cm.
 Combinations are only possible with the small version. Joiin is available in black, white, silver/grey and orange. The floorlamp version is completely lacquered in the corresponding colour.
Joiin explores the notion of weaving light. The design includes a series of curved surfaces that couple together to shade its light source. Up to three of these lampshades may be connected allowing their surfaces to interact, folding into itself like a ribbon of light. The textile used to cover the shade comes finely coated with tiny glass beads, appearing white like frost, when viewed from an angle. Therefore the lamp catches attention even when switched off since its surface reflects the light sources from the environment.



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