люстра Torch 3 , silver by Sylvain Willenz

люстра Torch 3 , silver by Sylvain Willenz
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люстра Torch 3 , silver  by Sylvain Willenz

      Brand new design from Sylvain Willenz, one of the hottest new designers from Belgium! Made from a molded textured plastic, the 'Torch Light' comes in three versions: the small cone, the small rounded and the large cone.

    All sizes can be suspended from the ceiling in single units, arranged in bunches of 10 or 20, or used singularly on a tabletop or in the corner of a room. ‘Torch Light', like much of Sylvain's work, is inspired by archetypal objects - in this case, the simple silhouette of a typical hand-held torch or car headlight with its ribbed surface. The color of the ‘Torch Light' is black.

Артикул: Torch 3 , silver  by Sylvain Willenz
Дизайн:Sylvain Willenz
Подвесной светильник

Цвет : стальной

Лампы: 1x40W компактная галогенновая

Размер : 17 см*7см

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