Tom Dixon Fin Round Pendant Light - Blue

Tom Dixon Fin Round Pendant Light - Blue
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Tom Dixon Fin Round Pendant Light - Blue

Part of the “Fin” family of lights the Fin Blue Round Pendant, is part of leading designers Tom Dixon introduction to new and rapidly changing lighting technologies. In an ode to engineering, where others might hide the invisible electrical components; Dixon makes them the star of the show proudly displaying the pendants practical inner workings. A self-contained piece which features both a shade and light as one is the result.

Much care and attention is given to the Blue Fin Pendants construction, both in form and function. Indeed, a heatsink; which is an extruded aluminum component used to cool equipment, becomes the focal point, forming the pendants round body and structure. Slatted aluminum cooling fins provide a unique and irregular body, while at the same time their large surface area increases efficiency, cooling the LEDs within. Designed to provide strong luminosity, 6 high-powered LED diodes are magnified though a large acrylic lens. This achieves a wider beam of light. Again, making a feature of the mechanics, the 6 modules are set to an exposed printed circuit board that is visible through the lens.

The Fin Blue Pendant is Tom Dixon’s first product offered with an electric blue anodized finish. This colour is rarely seen in interiors.

As well as this Fin Blue Round Copper pendant, two Natural and Copper Fins are offered in the same round shape. A matching Obround Copper Pendant and Fin Copper Table light is also available in the collection. This Blue round light is a stunning interiors focal point when displayed individually, but also looks terrific when offered as a family of Fin lights for a colourful display.