люстра The Soho Suspension Lamp by Marset

люстра The Soho Suspension by Marset . Люстры и подвесы Marset. Вы можете купить люстры Marset по уникальной цене в интернет-магазина света delightful.su.Большой выбор.Низкие цены. Доставка по России.
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люстра The Soho Suspension  by Marset

Артикул: The Soho Suspension  by Marset
Дизайн: Marset


Цвет -  бежевый

Лампы:    6x40W компактная

Размер : диам. 112 см* и 57 см  




Полезная статья: «Как купить светильники MARSET  недорого и со скидкой».


Soho Suspension Lamp Soho is presented as a statement, in recognition of the merits of the lamps traditionally used in markets, taverns and cafeterias. After studying different volumes, proportions and materials, new uses and lighting effects have emerged.  Thanks to the use of rotary moulded polyethylene, large sizes can be obtained. With a diameter of 112 cm, it has been conceived for large spaces, while the 57cm model is ideal for lighting a dining table. A high-performance perspex diffuser produces an excellent, evenly distributed light quality.  In the translucent white version, the whole structure emits ambient light.  An outdoor model is also available for illuminating porches, gardens and terraces or open-air dining area