кресло ox armchair ( кожа люкс)

кресло ox armchair ( кожа люкс) в интернет - магазине delightful.su по уникально низкой цене.Доставка по России. Большой выбор.Низкие цены.
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 кресло ox armchair ( кожа люкс)

Материал :

- стальные ножки

-  высококачественная кожа  

Размеры : -


ширина 105 см

глубина  105 см 

высота 105 см 


 ширина  75 см

 глубина 50 см

 высота   45 см

Цвет : Черный , белый , шкура





The original Ox Chair and Ottoman was designed by Hans Wegner in 1960 and was inspired by an Ox head and covered in Ox hide hence the name. The powerful design created in steel and leather provides the user with a chair than can accommodate many different seating position and thus provide a high degree of comfort.

    Hans Wener is renowned for created insipring designs founded from nature and infused into the world of furniture through his creativity. Our reproduction is manufactured to closely match the original specificaction. Like the original specification our chair is manufactured to the highest quality and is finished using only the finest materials.