столик isamu naguchi coffee table

столик isamu naguchi coffee table купить по уникально низкой цене в интернет-магазине delightful.su.Большой выбор дизайнерских столов, журнальных столиков,кофейных столиков. Высокое качество.Низкие цены.Доставка по России.
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Noguchi Coffee Table from Herman Miller

       Tables have been used in history as far back as civilized history has existed. There have been evidences of the furniture being used even during the time of ancient civilizations from Egypt, Greece and Rome. These were simple in appearance, a slab of wood supported by four legs. Their main function has remained constant throughout history, as a means of supporting objects placed on top them or as a working surface.

     As time progressed, tables have become more sophisticated in terms of appearance and functionality, to accommodate the growing needs of the user. It is during this time that designers such as Noguchi are being celebrated for their important contributions in designing pieces of modern furniture that reflect the generation of consumers as well as giving a new meaning to the term table.


NoguchiCoffeeTableGlass 300x164 Noguchi Coffee Table from Herman Miller

Noguchi Coffee Table from Herman Miller

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