кресло eames aluminium office chair ( кожа)

кресло eames aluminium office chair
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кресло eames aluminium office chair

Вращающееся кресло на каркасе из штампованного алюминия.

Виды обивки: кожа/сетка/синтетическая обивка (Hopsak из 100% полиамида — однотонная или в сочетании цветов).


Производитель дает 30 лет гарантии на изделие.

Размеры: 90×62×72 см; высота сиденья: 35 см.


High Back Office Chair Inspired by Charles Eames
Description: This group of chairs was originally designed for interior and outdoor use, and  during its development it was often referred to as the leisure group. Ironically  it is now used almost exclusively in both home and commercial office  environments. However, it remains one of the greatest furniture designs of the  past century. Original designed by Charles and Ray Eames for a private residence  being designed by Eero Saarinen. Features: The inspired Eames Office Chair has  a small ribbed  leather design along with adjustable seat height and tilt swivel aluminum base.  The Eames office chair is manufactured with 100% Italian leather throughout - including sides, back and underneath;  accompanied with highly polished aluminum 5 star base, this chair will look  stunning in any setting.
Dimensions: Width: 50cm Depth: 52cm Height: 113cm

Charles Eames

CHARLES ORMOND EAMES, JR (1907-1978) While attending high school, Charles worked at the Laclede Steel Company as a part-time labourer, where he learned about engineering, drawing, and architecture (and also first entertained the idea of one day becoming an architect).

Charles briefly studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis on an architectural scholarship. While at Washington University, he met his first wife, Catherine Woermann, whom he married in 1929. A year later, they had a daughter, Lucia.

In 1930, Charles began his own architectural practice in St. Louis with partner Charles Gray. They were later joined by a third partner, Walter Pauley. One great influence on him was the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen (whose son Eero, also an architect, would become a partner and friend). At Eliel Saarinen's invitation, he moved in 1938 with his wife Catherine and daughter Lucia to Michigan, to further study architecture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he would become a teacher and head of the industrial design  department. One of the requirements of the Architecture and Urban Planning Program, at the time Eames applied, was for the student to have decided upon his project and gathered as much pertinent information in advance � Eames' interest was in the St. Louis waterfront. Together with Eero Saarinen he designed prize-winning furniture for New York's Museum of Modern Art "Organic Design in Home Furnishings" competition. Their work displayed the new technique of wood moulding, that Eames would further develop in many moulded plywoodproduct.

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