столик gray coffee table

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столик gray coffee table

Размер:  10*h645~1050mm    

Цвет: хром, черный    

Материал: сталь


Полезная статья: «Как купить дизайнерский стол  недорого и со скидкой».

Дизайнер: Eileen Gray

        This Irish artist was one of the pioneers who created what we now call modern design during the 1920s and 1930s.The lone woman in this pioneering Valhalla, her name is pronounced in the same breath as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. Her tubular steel furniture was revolutionary in its day, and is now accepted as classic. In the second stage of her creative career, Eileen Gray switched to architecture and continued producing masterpieces.

   She was an artist of epoch-making significance. Her career culminated in 1972 with her appointment by the Royal Society of Art in London, as Royal Designer to Industry. And her legendary Adjustable Table E 1027 has been added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1978.         

Eileen Gray Side Table

Our Eileen Gray table brings a simple yet incredible impression to your room. Eileen Gray's designs distinctly incorporated simple lines and shapes. The result made a remarkable impression. This designer inspired telescopic end table is a perfect example of simplicity making a statement.

•Premium Version with all authentic original design details

 •Truly a modern classic

•Chrome steel frame

•5mm thick Tempered glass

 •Tempered glass with protective ring around center hole

•Tube is fully welded through the top bar and extends through it for exceptional durability and original detailing, not screw in type like promotional versions



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