кресло Albert Armchair ( кожа)

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кресло Albert Armchair ( кожа)


Размеры (cm): 89*85*79

Описание :

With a compact scale for space-conscious homes, the Albert Armchair (2008) stands on a surprisingly small footprint. Alone or fabulous in pairs, the Albert Armchair has a comfortable back cushion and armrests pamper, while the seat cushion provides just the right amount of support. To maintain a clean look, the back cushion is attached to the frame with a zipper, and the leather upholstery is applied to the structure using a fixed slipcover technique. This technique gives the Albert Armchair its straight seams and crisp appearance from all angles. The full top-grain, semi-aniline leather upholstery is easy to maintain and will withstand heavy use, even in homes with children and pets

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