Adolfo Abejon Brass Slim S Table Lamp

Adolfo Abejon Brass Slim S Table Lamp
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Adolfo Abejon Brass Slim S Table Lamp

It's not often that a lighting Design blows me away, but Adolfo Abejon's Brass Slim S table lamp has totally blown me away, the Slim S table lamp is 21st Century minimalism.

Design Paired down to its basics the Slim S table lamps are elegant stick figure lamps.

Adolfo says that the Slim Collection is a tribute to the bulb, A fine structure holds the blub and the silhouette of an archetypical shade is emphasized.

Adolfo Abejon's Brass Slim S table lamp is wonderfully constructed for you out of brass by master craftsmen using jewellery making techniques in Spain






45.5 cm


1×E14 75 Watt max ( not supplied)




Polished Brass

There are no limits to the imagination, so the more limits you are facing the more motivated you should be to create something. Crisis inspires me more and more. You nearly have no technology, resources, investment… It’s perfect because you have to simplify more what you do while offering quality

Light is light, I just can’t say anything more. It refers to a frame of mind; you’re sadder on a cloudy day than on a sunny day. An artificial light can’t be compared to this, but lamps are very important; they are one of the objects we value the most and that we also need the most. So, I repeat, light is light

  Adolfo Abejon lighting is made to order in Spain, and should be delivered to you mainland UK Address in 6 to 8 weeks from confirmation of your order


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